Rad Dads Turns One

Thursday February 22, 2018 marked the first year anniversary of the first ever Rad Dads Edmonton event.  Since that meeting we have hosted a number of dad events and some awesome 'Kool Kid' events including the following:

  • Meeting No. 1 - Theme "Building" - Building a community of Rad Dads
  • Kool Kid Event No. 1 - "Build& Bond" - A LEGO party for families
  • Whiskey Tasting @ Have Mercy - A night of food and drink with Have Mercy and Wild Turkey Bourbon
  • Meeting No. 2 - Theme "Music" - Guest speaker was Terry from the smalls.
  • Kool Kid Event No. 2 - "Bring The Noise" - A family-friendly rock concert featuring The Barkells
  • Kool Kid Kraft Event - "Macaroni Madness" - A macaroni-inspired art event in collaboration with Cartago 
  • "The Summit" - Climbing + Beers + Dads at The Dirtbag Cafe and Rock Jungle Boulders
  • Kool Kid Event No. 3 - "Monster's Ball" - A family-friendly Halloween Party
  • Kool Kid Event No. 4 - "The Sphere Robot Coding Challenge" - Kids and dads had the opportunity to explore coding with Sphero robots at the Apple store
  • "Bowling, Boyle Street and Beer @ Plaza Bowling Co.
  • "Traditional Teachings" - An afternoon with Elder Lyndon Aginas of the Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation in collaboration with Suka Clothing

We had a tonne of fun hosting these events and hope to bring you more this year.  Thanks for the support