Rad Dads Presents A Pint and Pretzel for Pops

Rad Dads in collaboration with Village Brewing and Cartago present our Father’s Day event of 2019 - “A Pint and Pretzel for Pops”. This event will feature a cask of Village Brewing’s newest beer - FATHER and an acoustic performance by Josh Collins of A New Rhetoric and of course the awesome food a drink of one of our favourite local hangouts - Cartago. We have tickets for this event - $15 which includes a pint glass, a pour from the cask and a pretzel.

Pint and Pretzel for Pops Tickets

**Tickets are not needed for entry only for the pint and pretzel.

This event is kid and family friendly so bring the fam and come have a pint and pretzel with us.



Rad Dads is proud to host in collaboration with The Boneyard Skatepark a night just for dads including skateboarding, live music and more. We will also be collecting donations for Boards for Kids Edmonton; a group that gets skateboards into the hands of unprivileged youth. See our event page for more details.



Yep it's been way too long since we've updated this section but it's not from lack of trying.  Fatherhood is busy and we just don't always have time to get this updated, we have however been updating our Rad Dads Show section.  We are now at Episode 6 and have four more interviews to edit for you.  We have sat down with some super Rad Dads and we hope you are enjoying the conversations.  If you have any suggestions on who to talk to next do not hesitate to contact us.  Now head over to the Rad Dads Show page and listen to Episode 6 with former Edmonton Eskimo Graeme Bell.

Rad Dads Turns One

Thursday February 22, 2018 marked the first year anniversary of the first ever Rad Dads Edmonton event.  Since that meeting we have hosted a number of dad events and some awesome 'Kool Kid' events including the following:

  • Meeting No. 1 - Theme "Building" - Building a community of Rad Dads
  • Kool Kid Event No. 1 - "Build& Bond" - A LEGO party for families
  • Whiskey Tasting @ Have Mercy - A night of food and drink with Have Mercy and Wild Turkey Bourbon
  • Meeting No. 2 - Theme "Music" - Guest speaker was Terry from the smalls.
  • Kool Kid Event No. 2 - "Bring The Noise" - A family-friendly rock concert featuring The Barkells
  • Kool Kid Kraft Event - "Macaroni Madness" - A macaroni-inspired art event in collaboration with Cartago 
  • "The Summit" - Climbing + Beers + Dads at The Dirtbag Cafe and Rock Jungle Boulders
  • Kool Kid Event No. 3 - "Monster's Ball" - A family-friendly Halloween Party
  • Kool Kid Event No. 4 - "The Sphere Robot Coding Challenge" - Kids and dads had the opportunity to explore coding with Sphero robots at the Apple store
  • "Bowling, Boyle Street and Beer @ Plaza Bowling Co.
  • "Traditional Teachings" - An afternoon with Elder Lyndon Aginas of the Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation in collaboration with Suka Clothing

We had a tonne of fun hosting these events and hope to bring you more this year.  Thanks for the support