So what is Rad Dads and what are we about?

As for now we are a group of fathers that have a goal of promoting and modelling positive parenting, empowering dads and encouraging them to  be involved in the lives of their children.  As an attempt at reaching these goals we set out to host quarterly “dads-only” meetings centered around some sort of theme.  These meetings are a place where we can potentially share experiences and hopefully learn something all in an informal setting while washing it down with a cold brew.  

We have had two of these meetings; the first one had a theme of building, as in building the community of Rad Dads and the second meeting we had music at its core.  We've structured the meetings as follows: reaching out to some craft brewery to provide a cask for the night, some form of entertainment, collecting donations for a local charity and then end the night with a guest speaker centered around the theme and someone hopefully that relates to dads or is in fact a dad themselves. 

In the months between the dads meetings we have organized what we call Kool Kid events.  These are meant to tie back to the prior dad meeting theme and be an all-inclusive family friendly (moms welcome) event for parents to have fun doing something different with their kids.  The first Kool Kid event was what we called “Build & Bond” Lego Party.  Essentially a Lego free for all building marathon that included an animal balloon artist and other goodies.  The second Kool Kid event was on June 18th and was a family-friendly “rock concert” on Father's Day that had live music, dancing and prizes.

We have also hosted some pop-up events in conjunction with local businesses that have reached out to us and want to get involved in our mission.  Some of the pop ups included Whiskey Tasting at Have Mercy, Macaroni Madness Art Project at Cartago and "The Summit" rock climbing event at Dirtbag Cafe just to name a few.  And finally to fulfill our community outreach goals we have been involved with some community groupssuch as the City of Beaumont FCSS and Terra Centre.  They reached out to us and asked us to come out and be present at their hosted events and we obliged.  To cater to their needs we have created a kid friendly stomp rocket activity that kids (and parents) can do in order to have fun, learn some science and bond.

Thanks for you for visiting our site and we hope to see you out at some future events.